McCombs Conference:  Blockchain Opportunities & Realities

April 13, 2018

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 McCombs Blockchain Conference 

Opportunities & Realities

April 13, 2018


The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin is excited to host the first McCombs Blockchain Conference on April 13th at the state-of-the-art new Rowling Hall building for Graduate Business Programs. 
Blockchain is considered a disruptive technology that will transform how we do business much like the Internet. From enterprise applications such as smart contracts and tracking in supply chains to frictionless payments, streamlined settlements and other applications in finance, businesses are rapidly researching and adopting blockchain technology in all parts of their organizations. In addition, social innovations are already making an impact by using the blockchain to track climate change or to provide identity, financial inclusion, education, and healthcare for underrepresented populations.  
The conference will feature research academics, industry experts, and regulators to discuss a wide-variety of topics related to the applications of this emerging technology. It will also provide insightful discussions on the legal, technological, and financial challenges that enterprises face when developing blockchain initiatives. Whether you are new to blockchain or an expert working on blockchain applications, come meet and mingle with some pioneers in blockchain to learn more about this new wave in business.  




Keynote Speakers

Jim Schneider
Senior Research Analyst
Goldman Sachs
Frank Yiannas
Vice President of Food Safety 

    Panelists and Moderators   

Tim Brown
VP IT Services
Paul Cocuzzo
Executive Director, Manuf. IT Division
Merck & Co.
Ashish Gadnis 
 Founder and CEO
Pete Harris
Lighthouse Partners, Inc.
Jalak Jobanputra   Founding Partner
Future/Perfect Ventures
Mira Ganor  
Research Professor in Law
UT Austin
Dave Hendricks
Mayur Kapani 
Chief Technology Officer 
Tuur Demeester    Editor in Chief
Adamant Research
Ryan Gaylor
Director of Corporate Payments Ripple
Dave Hirsch
Enforcement Attorney
Jason Kelley   
General Manager
Shimon Kogan
Visiting Associate Professor
Bryan Mennell  
Bertrand Portier Distinguished Engineer IBM
Alex Lakatos
Mayer Brown's Cryptocurrency, ICO's and Fraud group
Douglas Morrice
Professor of Operations Management UT Austin
Sam Radocchia  Co-Founder
Steve McKeon
 Associate Professor of Finance 
University of Oregon
Radia Perlman Fellow
Dell EMC
Ron Resnick
Executive Director
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Jimmy Song
 Venture Partner
Blockchain Capital
Laura Starks
 Professor of Finance
UT Austin
Rohit Tandon
Elevondata, Chainworks
Sriram Viswanath 
Professor of ECE
UT Austin
Speaker Name

    Conference Organizers 

Cesare Fracassi Associate Professor of Finance
UT Austin
Prabhudev Konana Professor of IM
UT Austin
Meeta Kothare
 Managing Director SII
UT Austin









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